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WEEKEND SOUNDTRACK – Lights Out, Psych Time!

• October 22, 2011

Time it was, oh what a time it was, oh what a time it was! At least, I think so. Anybody with a clear memory of those times simply wasn’t there! Thank God then for some of the present-day psych bands that help to re-stimulate all those memories of all night Be-Ins in dank, cavernous […]

KRAUTROCK FROM HELL – Electric Orange Carry The Torch of ’60s Krautrock Pioneers

• November 29, 2010

“Krautrock From Hell” is the title of the most current offering from German band, Electric Orange, and, if you are at all Krautrock inclined, it’s a slice of genre heaven! These guys are the true direct descendants of legendary bands such as Amon Duul 11 and Faust. Electric Orange – Kunstkopf (From the album, “Krautrock […]